Newsletter Archive

Date Unit Focus Category
November 2018 The Truth Behind "Falling Stars" Outer Space
October 2018 Get out the Vote! U.S. Government
September 2018 Explore Your State My United States
May 2018 Tech Titans Biographies
April 2018 Ancient Maya, Aztec, and Inca Empire Ancient Civilizations
March 2018 Westward Ho! Westward Expansion
February 2018 Drought Watch Earth Science, Ecosystems
January 2018 Climate Change Ecosystems
December 2017 Flu Season Health, Human Body
November 2017 Thanksgiving Truth The Thirteen Colonies
October 2017 Hurricanes Extreme Nature, Earth Science
August 2017 The Solar Eclipse The Solar System
May 2017 American Indians American Indians
April 2017 Extreme Science Careers Extreme Science
March 2017 Healthy Eating Health
February 2017 BP Oil Spill Disasters
January 2017 Martin Luther King Jr. Biographies
December 2016 Energy Physical Science
November 2016 The Delaware Colony The Thirteen Colonies
October 2016 South America Continents
September 2016 The Oregon Trail Westward Expansion
June 2016 Experiments with Motion Experiments
May 2016 U.S. Landforms U.S. Regions
April 2016 Meteor Showers Outer Space
March 2016 Extreme Laboratories Extreme Science
February 2016 The Presidency U.S. Government
January 2016 Meteorology Earth Science
December 2015 Martin Luther King, Jr. and Rosa Parks Biographies
November 2015 Voting U.S. Government
October 2015 Wildfires Extreme Nature
September 2015 Amphibians, Birds, Fish, Insects and Spiders, Mammals, Reptiles Animal Kingdom
June 2015 Oceans Ecosystems
May 2015 Ancient Greece Ancient Civilizations
April 2015 The Titanic Disaster Disasters
March 2015 Climate Change Ecosystems
February 2015 Abraham Lincoln The Civil War
January 2015 The Digestive System Human Body
December 2014 The Moon The Solar System
November 2014 The Inuit American Indians
October 2014 The Superstorm: Hurricane Sandy Extreme Nature

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